Finally…the Weather has changed

For a while it seemed that the weather would never turn. Now it is warm again and spring has hit us full force. The family is happy to finally get outside again and walking the dogs is no longer a challenge of getting heavy winter coats on and bundling up. The May 24 weekend…although it was the 19-21 this year was great. We only had a little rain on the Saturday but the rest of the weekend was spectacular. flowers are out, trees are in bloom and life has returned to shire.16824549505_97ce725686_z

Another Cold Day

It is surprising that in April we had an Ice Storm, but there is now another layer of snow and ice outside. The Boys don’t seem to mind though. Fortunately it should not last long and the temperature is starting to go up. Should be gone within a couple of days.wintersm-1wintersm-2

Will Spring Ever Arrive??

Well I just finished a small vacation again having to take those last few vacation days of the year before we roll into another one. For me ,my vacation year starts 1 April and goes to 31 March in line with the fiscal year. Not that I mind but every year it is the same. I have a large number of days left to take and I am not allowed to accumulate them. So I burnt them off at the end of the year.

So what did I do this vacation…SPRING CLEANING. Yep that is what I said. Purging of old stuff and make room to organize what is left.


Of course there is no reason to clean when you have so many beautiful bottles to sample. Recently we held a premium dinner with the Macallan and Highland Park whiskies. From the image here you can see some really nice expressions with the pinnacle being the Macallan Reflexion. Coming in at a mere $1650.00 a bottle you can say that we might as well been drinking liquid gold.